Back of Bottle™ / BOB™ is formulated with ingredients that are high performance, clean, green, and sustainable. 

Innovative formulations crafted with new-to-industry, scientifically proven ingredients and technology.

Enhancing the health and well-being of scalp and hair, Back of Bottle™ / BOB™shampoos have NO sulphates or other harsh surfactants that may strip natural oils and irritate skin. Back of Bottle™ / BOB™ shampoos + conditioners have NO silicones which can build up on scalp and skin, causing issues.

Aveda hair care products embody nature’s essence, blending botanical wisdom with scientific innovation. Rooted in Ayurveda, these eco-conscious creations cleanse, restore, and invigorate hair while respecting the environment. More than products, they’re a sensory journey that harmonizes beauty and mindfulness. With Aveda, you embrace nature’s best for your hair’s ultimate well-being.


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