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Mane Street Hair Salon is more than just a salon; it’s a cornerstone of excellence and care. We invite you to join us on this journey, as we continue to redefine beauty one client at a time.


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Mane Street / History

Where it all began

In the heart of our community, where beauty and service meet, there exists a salon like no other – Mane Street Hair Salon. Our story is one of passion, dedication, and a commitment to delivering exceptional service to our clients. Founded by a visionary, Jeffrey Robins in April of 1989, Mane Street has blossomed into one of the province’s most prominent salons, all while maintaining a steadfast focus on its founding principles.

Mane Street / History

A Humble Beginning

Mane Street’s journey commenced in 1989, with its original location at 1041 2nd Ave East. Leslie Beckett played a pivotal role in shaping the salon’s aesthetic and even coining the unforgettable name, Mane Street (a name we almost called ‘The Tangled Mane’). From day one, Mane Street was destined for success, with the talented stylists Shannon Hall, Leslie herself, and Jeffrey providing top-notch hair services, from streaks to perms.

Mane Street / History

A Strong Dedication

The salon was a roaring success from the start, fully booked day in and day out, open six days a week. Jeffrey, the driving force behind Mane Street, dedicated countless hours to the salon, setting a high standard for excellence. In 1995, Jeffrey took a giant leap forward, purchasing the building that now houses Mane Street at 181 8th street east in Owen Sound. A complete renovation transformed the space, with new wiring, plumbing, and redesigned rooms, thanks to the guidance of building mentor Barry Krusillbrink and professionals like Bert Leeder and Doug Grace.

Mane Street / History

A Legacy of Service

From its inception, Mane Street focused on one fundamental principle: service. Every guest is greeted with a warm smile and a simple question, “How can we help you?” This personalised approach continues with a comprehensive consultation, ensuring every client leaves with the look they desire. The Mane Street team is continuously upgrading their skills by travelling to highly saught after training seminars and hosting industry leaders to pass on their knowledge and skills to the Mane Street team. The dedication to learning and service has been the best form of advertising, with word-of-mouth and social media propelling Mane Street to new heights.

Mane Street / History

A Community Leader

Over the years, Mane Street welcomed over 40 talented hair stylists. As Mane Street Salon has evolved, it has remained deeply committed to its staff, offering benefits, fair wages, profit-sharing, and more. The salon’s success has allowed it to give back to the community through charity work, raising substantial funds for organisations like OSHaRE and the Shriners Hospital.

Mane Street / History

A Look Into The Future

Looking ahead, the future of Mane Street Salon is brighter than ever, with new part-owners Jamie and Stacie at the helm. They’ve expanded the salon during challenging times, adding more chairs and enhancing services. With the introduction of BOB products and the Color Space colour system, Mane Street continues to innovate.

Legacy Ridge is set to be the site of another Mane Street. With a commitment to service, a passion for beauty, and a dedication to the community.


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